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Walking Along Turtle Creek

Hello Summer!  We’ve reached that point in the year here in Texas where it gets rather uncomfortable to be outside for long periods of time, lest we all turn into puddles of sweat and sunscreen.  As such, future DFW adventures will either be indoors with air conditioning, or just not happen quite as often.

Something worth drawing your attention to is that I have created a Tumblr account where I will post some of the photos I have taken with my phone.  It will be a mix of Instagram, VSCOcam, and plain old snaps, so feel free to check it out.

Peter and I wandered along Turtle Creek after recent storms.  There was quite a bit of debris around from when the creek waters rose, so a bit of caution was needed.

Photographing nature and landscapes is not my forte (I need a bigger lens!), but there was certainly lots to see as we walked around.  Below are some of my favorite images from our excursion…

Sun flare makes me happy. Just making sure I don’t go blind in the process of trying to capture it!

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