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Texas Bluebonnets

I was trying to be organized by doing a scouting trip earlier in the week to look for locations to take some photos of a sunrise over a field of Texas Bluebonnets.  One thing we didn’t count on, though, was the forces of nature.

Peter and I drove about 40 minutes South to Ennis, TX which is the state’s mecca for bluebonnets.  The city of Ennis has a whole page on their website packed with bluebonnet information and I highly recommend looking over it prior to a trip.  We followed the North Trail, which is nicely marked with signs along the roads, hoping for that perfect location.  The scenery is beautiful, as are the ridiculous amounts of bluebonnets.  There are also ranch homes, horses, and cattle to admire as you slowly drive on the trail.  We found our perfect spot toward the end of our journey, and excitedly pulled over to take a look.


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