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Bishop Arts District

What have I been doing since my last post?

Well, AK and I traveled over to the Maldives for a week, followed by a couple of days in Dubai. Both places were excellent fun!

Because I took my camera into the desert, quite literally I should add, I decided to send my camera body and lens in to Canon for professional cleaning and maintenance. I wanted to make sure all that super fine sand got cleaned out of the important mechanisms. As such, I have been without my SLR camera for 3 weeks now. I should hopefully get it back in the next couple of weeks.

Bishop Arts. I’ve been there quite a few times now, always snapping a few photos while there. Depending on what you’re there for, I always find something interesting to see. In the daytime is when you will find all the fun and unique stores to go shopping. Then, starting around 5PM is when the restaurants and watering holes open up. There is quite a bit to choose from for a relatively small area!


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Atama x InstaDFW Present One By One DFW

Hello, hello! Happy Summer! I’ll be honest and say that I have been very lazy with this blog of late, but this is me making an effort. Sometimes when I stare at the blank text box, I often feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start or what to say. This leads to further procrastination, and well, there you go.

Diving on in…

I love Mockingbird Station. There are several great places to eat and drink there as well as lots of shopping. In fact, I think I will give it its own blog post soon. This past weekend, there was a photography exhibit that I wanted to check out at Atama. They, in conjunction with InstaDFW were hosting One By One DFW, which featured mobile photography by local photographers. I wasn’t able to attend the opening night of the show, when all the party and fun stuff happened, but I went on Saturday afternoon instead.

Atama X InstaDFW One By One
Atama X InstaDFW One By One

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