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Always Look Up

A few weeks ago, I submitted two photos I took at the Dallas Arboretum for their Full Color Amateur Photography Exhibition. I was nervous about entering as I always feel everyone else’s photography is way better than mine. I waffled about what images to choose, sought advice from my photo adventuring buddy, and learned the hard way not to ask a non-photographer (*cough* my husband) for an opinion. (“I don’t think they want a photo of blue sky. They want to see their gardens and flowers.”) Gahhh! That didn’t help my confidence at all.

I got over my fears enough to submit, came up with titles to fit the photos, and hoped for the best. There were 3 categories to enter. Close Up, Landscape, and Life In The Garden. I selected Landscape for both of my photos.

Always look up.
Always Look Up.

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A World Away From Here

I was on vacation for the back half of March.  AK and I went to the other side of the world and met up with friends in Hong Kong, followed by Thailand.  An amazing experience.  While the trip has nothing to do with Dallas/Fort Worth, I still wanted to share a snap from each place.  (I’m debating on making a travel section of this blog.)

The flight from DFW to Hong Kong is a very long 17 hours. We were in a bulkhead row, so thankfully there was lots of room to stretch our legs.  I would say the view from The Peak Sky Terrace was worth the long journey.  Even with the hazy, foggy skies.

A view of Hong Kong from The Peak Sky Terrace.
A view of Hong Kong from The Peak Sky Terrace.

We spent 6 days in Phuket, Thailand. One of the first things I learned about the place is that the ‘h’ is silent, so its pronounced “Pu-ket”.  The other is that Phad Thai (again the silent ‘h’) isn’t spicy until you add your own chili seasonings to your preferred tastes.  I skipped the chilies because they don’t agree with me, but I thoroughly enjoyed the limey peanuty goodness.

We took a private boat tour around the Andaman Sea and discovered many beautiful places. The one that really stuck out to me was Koh Panyee, a floating fishing village. It’s literally built on the side of a cliff.

Koh Panyee
Koh Panyee

Anyway, I shall now return you to normal D/FW programming.  I’m finding it hard to get out there alone, without my photo adventuring buddy, but I will soon!


January has almost passed us by and I still haven’t posted anything.  I do have some backlogged places to that I need to share, and I will in due time!

I feel a bit melancholy.  My adventuring buddy, Peter, has moved to the other side of the world with his lovely wife.  It was so cool how AK and I became fast friends with them in such a short time.  It is nice when friendship is just easy.  I know there will be future global adventures ahead that I anticipate with glee.  For now, I am dealing with a slight mourning period, if you will. 2014 came with some big changes as far as people and friendships go and it always takes me some time to adjust.

Peter took the photo of me below.  We’d just had drinks and some food at Eureka, which is new to West Village. It was windy and below freezing outside, but at least it had been a sunny day.  You must go to Eureka. It was a very cool place with good food and an ample supply of bourbon for a frigid day.

Outside Eureka in Uptown Dallas.
Outside Eureka in West Village, Dallas.

What does that have to do with this blog?  Well, honestly, having a photo buddy made it really easy to go explore places. Especially as a woman; think safety in numbers.  Also the fact that Peter could join me on a week day was excellent because places like museums are often not as crowded.  I still plan on visiting places around the Metroplex.  Some I will venture to alone, and some will be with AK.  (I will ask him for his patience now as we go out and about and I stop to photograph the 500000 different things I see!)    I hope to keep up my regular, twice-a-month posts.  I enjoy taking photos and sharing places in Dallas/Fort Worth.  I may inject more of me on here. I am a bit hesitant to do that because I wanted the blog to focus on the places rather than me.  I suppose reading things from a local’s point of view is always helpful and maybe a bit more interesting.  I’ll figure it out.

“Not all those who wander are lost.” J.R.R. Tolkien.