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Sweet Tooth Hotel

If you love quirky things, bright colors, sugary treats, and stuffed animals, then Sweet Tooth Hotel is right up your alley! This pop up place is not actually a hotel, but rather an art exhibit that has set up shop in the Victory Park area of Downtown Dallas. It’s open through the end of August, but it is selling out quickly so if you want to go…hurry up and reserve your tickets!

The whimsical Sweet Tooth Hotel is ripe for exploring.

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The Spiral Parking Garage

Round and round we go.

A well known photography spot in Downtown Dallas. My photo adventuring buddy , Peter, was in town and we have had numerous conversations about going to this parking garage, so it was cool to finally do it. We paid the parking fee and carefully drove our way up near the top. We found a spot to park and explored good spots to take photos.  Continue reading The Spiral Parking Garage

Five Sixty and Happy Birthday to Me!!

It was my birthday last week.

I decided a few weeks prior that I wanted to go to dinner with friends at Five Sixty, the restaurant by Wolfgang Puck that is inside the ball of Reunion Tower.  AK and I have been before and really enjoyed it.  I called to made a reservation for 6 people.  The restaurant does have a strict business casual dress code, so make sure everyone in your group is aware.

After taking the elevator up 50 odd stories, you are greeted by floor to ceiling windows.  If you have a fear of heights, then this might not be the place for you.  You can actually buy tickets and go up to the observation deck to see the views if you don’t want to eat at the restaurant…hopefully this will be on a future blog post!

AK and I went early to enjoy cocktail happy hour.  I sipped on a “Fragrant Pear” served in a martini glass which was delicious.

Enjoying a "Fragrant Pear" cocktail
Enjoying a “Fragrant Pear” cocktail

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Walking Downtown Dallas

We hopped off the McKinney Ave Trolley at its end point at St Paul  & Ross Ave. and started walking.  No destination in mind (and a common occurrence it would seem!).  We walked until we found something worth photographing.

The first thing we found was the Eye, across the street from The Joule hotel.  It was designed by Tony Tassett and is 30 feet tall.  It was definitely interesting.  You can’t get too close to the Eye as it is fenced in, but no matter, it still stared silently back at us.

The Eye
The Eye

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