Sweet Tooth Hotel

If you love quirky things, bright colors, sugary treats, and stuffed animals, then Sweet Tooth Hotel is right up your alley! This pop up place is not actually a hotel, but rather an art exhibit that has set up shop in the Victory Park area of Downtown Dallas. It’s open through the end of August, but it is selling out quickly so if you want to go…hurry up and reserve your tickets!

The whimsical Sweet Tooth Hotel is ripe for exploring.

This place has five rooms to walk through, each with its own theme. It is best when toured with a friend or two. Bring your phone and/or camera. It is pretty much designed for Instagram pics, Boomerang, or whatever your heart desires. They limit the one hour time slots to about 20 people, so everyone has time in the different rooms to snap their photos. I went alone, but did have a nice gal offer to take a couple of photos of me.

Sweet Tooth Hotel
Clean lines and candy.

Some of the rooms have multiple mirrors, and finding a spot where you weren’t accidentally in the photo could be darn near impossible. I also tried to make sure there weren’t other guests in my photos, which is easily done if you bring your patience.

Cactus room. Can you spot yours truly?
Sweet Tooth Hotel
Giant donut, anyone?
There were lots of bright neon lights around which lit the place beautifully.

The staff provide a very brief tour of the hotel when you arrive, but then cut you loose for the rest of the hour. A few guests brought young kids, but they do need to be supervised as many of the art exhibits, while interactive, are fragile. That really goes for everyone really. Respect the surroundings so that others who come along can also enjoy it.

Sweet Tooth Hotel
Macarons! Yum! Actually, I really loved these light fixtures.
This bed is made out of sneaker soles.

There are various parking options in the area, and the Sweet Tooth website has really good information on it for how best to enjoy your visit. You can’t take yourself too seriously in a place like this!

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