The Spiral Parking Garage

Round and round we go.

A well known photography spot in Downtown Dallas. My photo adventuring buddy , Peter, was in town and we have had numerous conversations about going to this parking garage, so it was cool to finally do it. We paid the parking fee and carefully drove our way up near the top. We found a spot to park and explored good spots to take photos. 

Down into the abyss…

Full confession: I have issues with heights. I get dizzy, and have weird stomach-dropping sensations if I look straight down. I really had to take my time and gut this one out in order to shoot photos. There was a lot of swearing, deep breathing, and sitting down on the dirty concrete.

Peter at work: Photographing the dark hole. It’s beautifully bright at the top though.

Upon completion, we walked to a nearby pho place for well-earned sustenance and adult beverages. I needed to calm my disintegrated nerves. The things we do for the perfect shot.


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