Bishop Arts District

What have I been doing since my last post?

Well, AK and I traveled over to the Maldives for a week, followed by a couple of days in Dubai. Both places were excellent fun!

Because I took my camera into the desert, quite literally I should add, I decided to send my camera body and lens in to Canon for professional cleaning and maintenance. I wanted to make sure all that super fine sand got cleaned out of the important mechanisms. As such, I have been without my SLR camera for 3 weeks now. I should hopefully get it back in the next couple of weeks.

Bishop Arts. I’ve been there quite a few times now, always snapping a few photos while there. Depending on what you’re there for, I always find something interesting to see. In the daytime is when you will find all the fun and unique stores to go shopping. Then, starting around 5PM is when the restaurants and watering holes open up. There is quite a bit to choose from for a relatively small area!


First thing to note is that parking can be troublesome. There’s mostly parallel parking, or valet if you’re going to a restaurant. If you’re lucky, there are a few small parking lots. The earlier you arrive, the better your chances will be. I, personally, enjoy going down there on a week day before evening rush hour, finding a spot, and then walking to wherever I am headed.

If you need to find a gift for someone who is hard to shop for or has everything, go to Bishop Arts. There are so many great little shops to choose from. One of my favorites is Society, which features high end candles and accessories. All the candles are covered with glass domes so you aren’t overwhelmed by fragrance, and makes it far easier to make your selections. Just lift and sniff.


Society is dark and vintage inside, which melds beautifully with the fact that it sells luxurious candles.

I’ve bought really cool earrings from Opportunity Market on Bishop Ave. Slices of amazing and delicious pie from Emporium Pies. Chocolate goodness from Dude Sweet Chocolate. They will let you sample just about anything in their store, which is fun and excellent because they have some interesting flavors and infusions of chocolate. These are just a small sampling of what you will find for shopping  and gift ideas.

Walk down some of the alleys. You never know what you might find.


If I did portrait photography, then I would come to Bishop Arts for lots of neat backgrounds.
I thought this was pretty cool as I was walking along the sidewalk on Davis Street.

Food. It depends on what you are in the mood for, but Bishop Arts has it. Burgers, BBQ, pizza, Southern, Italian, Thai, Japanese. Some places need reservations, but many are walk-in too. I would suggest doing a bit of research online before you go, so you can pick your spot.

I do have to rave about Bishop Cider. The staff are super friendly and very happy to talk about their ciders with you. I highly recommend getting a flight so you can sample what’s available. They have their regulars like Crackberry, High & Dry, Nectar, and Legendberry, but they also offer some limited batches and seasonals.

Inside Bishop Cider Co.

Anyway, there’s a few highlights of the area for you. Go check it out!

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