Pilot Point

Last month, I attended an Instameet hosted by InstaDFW. I dragged AK along to drive, and because the last stop on the meet was a distillery and I thought that might be something he would enjoy.

We hit the road in the early afternoon and after an hour, we arrived in the sleepy town square of Pilot Point.


AK and I were early, so we wandered around a bit before a few other Instragrammers started arriving. I really enjoyed this meet. It was a small group, about 10-15 people, and everyone was nice and happy to explore.


The really cool thing about the town square is that most of the buildings are the originals from the 1800’s. There are plaques posted between the businesses with a note on that store’s history. Old building foundations, and slightly crooked windows from the passage of time as the buildings settled.


Stop Your Motor.

As our group walked, we found a lot of spots to photograph. Sometimes it was hard to tell if the spot was abandoned or just charmingly old.

This place, while not open when we were there, is Pat’s Auto Sales. They specialize in classic cars, and we could see some through the fence.
Yours truly. (Taken by my very accommodating other half. Seriously. Any husband who will drive his wife to a tiny town an hour away so she can take photos is awesome!)

Along our walk, a couple of the guys met Richard, the man with the keys. He was very curious about what we were doing, and walked with us to the Bloomfield Schoolhouse. He very kindly let us inside to explore. He told us that the schoolhouse had been built 1883 and is still used by students on occasion.

Old stove that kept the schoolhouse heated. At the back on the right, you can see the dunce hat & stool.
Vintage school desks.

Our last stop of the day was at the Western Son Distillery, but that will get its own blog post very soon!

Pilot Point was a cool place to visit. I know there was a lot we didn’t see in our short time there, but it was nice to get away from the big city for awhile. If you want to see some of the photos from the meet, check out this link. (I posted some photos, but my Instagram account is Friends Only, so I don’t think they will show up under that hashtag, unfortunately.)


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