Always Look Up

A few weeks ago, I submitted two photos I took at the Dallas Arboretum for their Full Color Amateur Photography Exhibition. I was nervous about entering as I always feel everyone else’s photography is way better than mine. I waffled about what images to choose, sought advice from my photo adventuring buddy, and learned the hard way not to ask a non-photographer (*cough* my husband) for an opinion. (“I don’t think they want a photo of blue sky. They want to see their gardens and flowers.”) Gahhh! That didn’t help my confidence at all.

I got over my fears enough to submit, came up with titles to fit the photos, and hoped for the best. There were 3 categories to enter. Close Up, Landscape, and Life In The Garden. I selected Landscape for both of my photos.

Always look up.
Always Look Up.

Meet Me Beneath The Heart Tree
Meet Me Beneath The Heart Tree

In early October, I got the exciting news that BOTH of my photos were accepted into the exhibit, and one of them had won the Landscape category. I did a happy dance in the car, as we were on our way to dinner when I got the email notification. (Don’t worry, I wasn’t the driver!) And I had to blow a raspberry at my husband because the photo that won Best of Category – Landscape was indeed the blue sky photo. 😀  I am mature like that.

I can’t tell you how giddy I was. I don’t consider myself a professional photographer because I have no formal certifications or training, and I don’t earn a full time living with my photos either. I call myself a self-taught hobbyist. I learn with a lot of trial and error. To get a bit of recognition for my photography really has me smiling and feeling like I might know what I am doing!

The exhibit is in the Rosine Hall Gallery at the Arboretum from now until November 8th. I plan on visiting soon to see all the other photos on display.


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