Christmas Lights at Vitruvian Park

If you’re not feeling all that festive yet, but want a gorgeous place to walk around and see lots and lots of Christmas lights, then make your way to Vitruvian Park in Addison immediately!  Well…preferably after dark!

I packed up my camera and tripod to practice working on long exposures.  The park is absolutely beautiful with all the trees perfectly wrapped in colorful lights. (Click on each photo to see a larger version! Go on!)

Festive holiday lights at Vitruvian Park
Festive holiday lights at Vitruvian Park

Vitruvian Park is located off of Marsh Lane, just south of Spring Valley, so it is easy to find.  Parking is readily available and free.  I didn’t walk the entire loop of the trail, but there were lots of people out jogging, walking, and letting kids burn off some energy.

I sneaked off into the grass to set up my tripod so I wasn’t in anybody’s way!  I experimented with various settings on my camera, but found using a small aperture (around f/11), low ISO, and a 10-15 second exposure rendered the best results. I also changed the white balance settings to see what I liked the look of best.  Everyone has their own style, so this is just what worked for me.



This one is my favorite. And yes, I was very close to the edge of the pond!

There are some special events coming up on the next couple of Saturdays, with live music, food trucks, SANTA!!, and much more, so grab the family and check it out.  I have no idea how long or how many people it took to set all these lights up, but go and appreciate all their hard work.  So amazing!

This huge tree is so amazing!
I am in love with all the lights reflecting in the water.

VitruvianPark_6390I hope everyone has a happy holiday season.  Hug your loved ones, toast your friends, enjoy the food & treats!


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