Lakewood Brewing

A friend of ours had a milestone birthday recently.  In celebration, he and his wife booked a private party at Lakewood Brewing Co. which was pretty cool.

Lakewood Brewing Co.
Lakewood Brewing Co.

Each guest received 4 tokens to redeem for a glass of beer.  (Because of the type of license they have, they can’t sell you a glass.)  We got to keep the glass as a souvenir.   The birthday boy had food and cake catered in so it was a very nice evening.

I will fully admit that I am not a beer nerd.  It’s not something I drink regularly, but I will take the odd swig of my husband’s beer if he is trying something new.  As such, some of the nuances and flavors of the beers are a little lost on me, but I was happy to find one (the Lakewood Lager) that I could enjoy a glass off.

We were given a quick tour of the warehouse, followed by a Q&A .  The people who work at the brewery genuinely seem to enjoy their jobs which is always nice to see.

The beers and their tasting notes.
You get to keep the glass!
You get to keep the glass!

LakewoodBrewing_5062 LakewoodBrewing_5063 LakewoodBrewing_5069 LakewoodBrewing_5070 LakewoodBrewing_5071

Normal brewery hours for visitors are Saturdays from noon to 3pm.   Admission is $10 and includes the souvenir glass, 4 tasting tokens, and a tour.  Check their calendar because they often do events during the week too.  As I mentioned, they do offer private rentals for events.

It’s definitely a neat place to visit if you want to experience locally-brewed beers.  Lakewood Brewing has grown quickly since its launch in 2012, and if they continue to produce their great products, then they are on the right track!

Schol! It’s Belgian equivalent for “Cheers!”


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