Dinosaur Valley State Park

A few weeks ago,  AK and I made the drive to Glen Rose for some hiking at Dinosaur Valley State Park.  We loaded up with sunscreen, water, and sunglasses.  (I’d also recommend a hat.)

It was a beautiful sunny day, and right on that border of being a bit too hot.  Some of the trails are shaded by trees, but other areas are not and on the day we went, there wasn’t much breeze.

There are lots of trails to choose from.  After you pay your fee ($7 for adults) at the main gate, you are given a trail map and an overall map of the park so you can plan out your adventure.


AK and I went off trail and down into the riverbed, which was fun.   There wasn’t anyone else around so it allowed us to take in our surroundings and explore what we wanted.

Down into the river bed
Down into the river bed
AK leads the way off trail
Stomping through the river.

The dinosaur tracks are in 4 different areas of the park, and of course there are lots of people around, so bring your patience.  We made our way to one of the areas, but many of the track are difficult to see due to erosion. The area we looked at was roped off to prevent people from walking on the tracks and further degrading them.

Dinosaur tracks

Dinosaur Valley5  Because of the large number of trails, you could easily make several trips to the park for different hikes.  There are also camp grounds available by reservation.  Definitely a family-friendly excursion, and some people also brought their dogs which was great to see.



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