Walking Downtown Dallas

We hopped off the McKinney Ave Trolley at its end point at St Paul  & Ross Ave. and started walking.  No destination in mind (and a common occurrence it would seem!).  We walked until we found something worth photographing.

The first thing we found was the Eye, across the street from The Joule hotel.  It was designed by Tony Tassett and is 30 feet tall.  It was definitely interesting.  You can’t get too close to the Eye as it is fenced in, but no matter, it still stared silently back at us.

The Eye
The Eye

From there, we walked and snapped whatever caught our fancy. Downtown Dallas has so many beautiful shapes and tall buildings.


Fountain Place
Fountain Place – one of the most iconic buildings in the Dallas Skyline.


I loved how this building had the remnants of old signage on the side:

Dallas County Services Building

Dallas County Services Building

Before long, we found ourselves at Dealey Plaza and the Grassy Knoll.  There’s usually a few tourists around, and you can always find conspiracy theorists or unofficial JFK tour guides hoping to regale you with information.

Right by the Grassy Knoll is a fantastic spot to photograph the Reunion Tower.

Reunion Tower

About a decade ago, I rolled down the Grassy Knoll as part of a video scavenger hunt with some friends.  Silly in hindsight, but sometimes a solemn place needs a bit of excitement.

The Grassy Knoll
The Grassy Knoll
Dealey Plaza - All's quiet.
Dealey Plaza – All’s quiet.
Dealey Plaza
And then its not…

You didn’t think I would close out this story without some stairs, did you?  Of course not!

Stairs Rail and StairsIt was getting into rush hour by this time, so we decided that a stop off at a watering hole  was in order before I braved the drive back home.  The One Eyed Penguin was at our service.

One Eyed Penguin
One Eyed Penguin

Don’t worry, what with the walk back to the trolley stop & ride back to Union Station where my car was parked, enough time had passed for me to safely drive home.



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