Dallas Museum of Art

We didn’t have a solid plan in mind, but we did want to take photos of some Downtown Dallas landmarks.  This is the great thing about having a photography buddy to share adventures with!

We hopped on the McKinney Avenue Trolley at Union Station and let Car #122, aka Rosie, noisily take us on our journey.  As we approached the stop for the Dallas Museum of Art,  Peter asked me if I had ever been inside.  When I said I hadn’t, he asked if I wanted to check it out, and I thought about it for 0.54783 seconds before saying, “Sure!”.  We got off the trolley and wandered inside.


The nice thing about the DMA is admission is free.  (There are special exhibits that come through that usually have a small fee.)  We wandered around, lingering in places that caught our attention.  I quickly became enamored with the staircases in the building.  Not the exhibits.  Nope…the stairs.


There’s variety at the DMA.  Paintings, chairs, furniture, artifacts, statues.  Something for everyone.  I’m not really an art person, but I can certainly appreciate beauty and color.


This, for example, is one of the first things you see. Beautiful shapes & colors.


Panda Chair

Or, you know, a chair made out of panda stuffed animals…

Silver Vanity

A different sort of selfie!



Yep, more stairs.

Tiffany mural

I love Tiffany glass. Beautiful.


Vases. My favorite was the bubbly one on the front row.

More stairs!

Does we even need a caption at this point?

Never Enough


Heavy Doors

How would you like this for your front door?  It would be good for keeping burglars out.  Or zombies.




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